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Screws - Barrel
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We are abrasion resistant and high-performance screw-barrel 20mm-200mm diameter length 4m to produce. Our range of products in the plastic extruders, rubber extruders, injections, and screw-shells are custom designed to suit your needs. We offer the most economical and appropriate solutions to our customers who choose us.
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Extruders are used for many different products that we produce, because the extruder is designed as a general-purpose APIs. Extruder belt drive system offered by us are usually very versatile, energy-saving heating system, and there are high-capacity air-cooling feature. APIs are designed for demanding applications, a 35mm-150mm in diameter extruder with a 40:1 and 24:1 L / D ratios can be ordered from. PLS control system is applied in accordance with your request. 20mm-45mm diameter extruder to produce Co-existing contours modular APIs can be used as the feed side.
PVC Granule Units
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Need low-cost high-capacity line with PVC Compound Units of all sizes and gas produced in the model should take. Specially designed with a screw-hive is usually 120 mm diameter PVC Compound Units 25:1 L / D ratio and produced 600 kg / h capacity. Head-cutting mold system designed to suit the practical useful for quick color change. The homogeneous product is cooled rapidly vibrated through the cooling system.
Rigid PVC Lines
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Hose Lines
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Cable Insulation Lines
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